SofterWare Trainer Raises Over $5000 for Cancer Research

Kelly Ramage and her bike riding team raised $5,340 for cancer research. Here is Kelly’s adventure in her own words:
“We began our 200 mile adventure, joined by 148 other riders, with a rolling start on July 10th at 5:35 am in a light rain and balmy 50 degrees.  Together we climbed 6990 feet from Manchester, NH to Hanover, NH and completed 102 miles.  It was a challenging day, filled with many hills that pushed you to what you thought was your limit, but then the top was reached and you were rewarded with amazing views or a great downhill; only to do it again, and again.  And let me tell you the 2nd to last “noted” hill is a beast…it about did me in, but then there was a mom and her two kids along the road cheering us on.  As you passed, you saw a picture of a man in a frame (I will let you finish the story) and that was all it took to keep me going.  
On our 2nd day, we were joined by about 3,000 other riders.  There are many different routes to ride ranging from 20, 35, 50, 77 or 100.  (Whatever the route, you are sure to meet some amazing people)  But, it is very exciting to see so many people all doing something with the same goal in mind….find a way to kick cancer.  Eric and I had a great day and completed our goal of crossing the finish line together.  We had some challenges to deal with, and many hills to climb, but what’s an adventure without a challenge or two?  

Our team, raised $5,340 and the event, “The Prouty” raised $3,272,371 for cancer research and patient care.  So, SofterWare, THANK YOU, for your part in helping us reach our fundraising goal and contributing to taking steps to kick cancer out of here.”

After day 1
After day 2
One view along the way

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