SofterWare Jumps Aboard the Kids Castle Pirate Ship

Kids Castle, located in Central Park in Doyestown, PA, has a lot of friends at SofterWare. Jon Biederman, VP for Fundraising Solutions, and Lauren Sheehan, Customer Care Manager, have helped spearhead an effort to save and rebuild the beloved playground. Using all the fundraising knowledge they’ve acquired over the years helping thousands of nonprofits, Jon and Lauren helped to raise enough money to save and refurbish this unique institution.  Thousands of kids have great memories of playing in the Castle, and thanks to their efforts and many others, future generations will too.

On September 5th, the Friends of Kids Castle had the grand opening of their newest addition to the playground: the Pirate Ship. Jon and Lauren shanghighed…er, I mean recruited several SofterWare volunteers, including Michelle Rodgers, Debbie Foster, Genevieve Patz, Illona Karob, and Holly Roscoe (whose two daughters love Kids Castle)  to help hand out brochures, give out pirate hats to kids, work a few booths, and much more.  More information about the project to expand Kids Castle can be found at



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