Philly Purple Stride Event Raises Money for Pancreatic Cancer

Several SofterWare folks gathered with the Lubarsky family and the extended Love for Nadine team to raise money to defeat pancreatic cancer, the horrible disease that took our dear friend and colleague Nadine Lubarsky just two years ago. As of this writing, the Love for Nadine team raised $5,294 during the annual Philly Purple Stride Race and Walk. Unfortunately, we haven’t made it to our $10,000 goal…yet! There’s still time to give, no matter when you’re reading this, so please consider a gift. Plus, if you’re a SofterWare staff member, your donation is eligible for matching!


This race always seems to be the official start to cold weather in Philly, and this year was no exception. It was a brisk 40 degrees this morning, but that did not deter Nathan & Mary Relles, Kathy Piunti and her daughter, and yours truly from rising early to run and walk.

Most of us did the walking, but Nathan, our Co-Founder, did the running! We all gathered at the starting line to snap a few photos of Nathan and root him on. He was so confident of victory that in the middle of hundreds of runners, he made a sharp left turn, came over to our barricade and handed Mary his jacket. Then off he ran, surely overtaking the crowd and taking first place. I didn’t see him cross the finish line, but there can be little doubt.


As we got walking, the sun came up and it got warmer, so it turned out to be a perfect day for this event. During our walk, we remarked how quickly time has passed since we lost Nadine. We mentioned how she had a second grandchild born, shared some patented Nadine cooking tips, and thought how much she would have loved our new office. It’s easy to schmooze here, or “collaborate” as they say these days, and Nadine was big “collaborator”.

Life is for the living as my grandfather used to say, and Nadine more than anyone would have echoed that statement, but days like today are great for remembering our friend. We also keep her memory alive with each dollar we raise. Hopefully, the day will come soon when we defeat this tough disease and provide the ultimate honor to Nadine’s memory, and all those who died of pancreatic cancer.

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