Boo Grams Turn Fright into Delight

SofterWare’s social committee used to arrange Halloween contests every year.  But like other things in life, what is cool one year turns into a bust the next. Our contest was a popular event two years ago, and turned into a ghost town (pun intended) last year.  So this year, the committee decided to go in a different direction. Instead of everyone dressing up, they had just one ghost (in this case, one ghost costume and several volunteer ghosts), who went around delivering bags of candy or healthy treats  (I was one of the volunteers and I didn’t see any healthy treat selections!) Staff members paid $2 to get a Boo Gram delivered by the ghost to anyone in the company, which came with a personalized message.


A terrified SofterWare staff member (Rob Trueman) receives a Boo Gram from the Ghost of SofterWare (aka Debbie Foster as she was known in a previous incarnation)

This turned out to be a big hit, with over $212 raised. Everyone who bought a Boo Gram was entered in to a drawing. The winner, Shane McMullen, got to pick which charity we’d donate the money too, with a matching contribution from SofterWare. Shane chose the Play it Forward Foundation, which is a nonprofit that one of our SofterWare staff, Jeff Pagano, helped start. Play it Forward “is a catalyst in developing a culture of generosity within the hockey community.”  The Boo Grams and matching gifts led to a $426 donation to Play it Forward, our staff got a sugar rush, and several people got frightened by the ghost or the message. All in all a huge success! Though I’m no great predictor of fads or the future,  I’m sure this will be repeated next year, only bigger! Or not.

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