ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

On Friday before Labor Day, the folks at SofterWare gathered together for a company barbecue, then proceeded to strip off their cloths, run out to the grass, and have friends dump ice water on their heads.  No, the food was not contaminated. They were merely participating in the event that the entiALS-Challenge057re world seemed to be wrapped up in this summer: the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!  

We had over 15 folks line up in a row, and another 15 behind them eager to do the honors.   We were challenged by several organizations, and the idea to participate at our barbecue came from SofterWare Business Analyst Lindsey Minnich, who figured we could combine our barbecue with participating in this great cause.  Since we serve thousands of nonprofits via our fundraising softwarechildcare management software, and camp management software, we happen to have two clients who help people suffering from ALS: ALS Worldwide and ALS Hope.  SofterWare was proud to match the contributions our fellow staff members made to these two great organizations, plus the The ALS Association in Ohio, for a total contribution of $1,555!

We nominated the Computer Resources LLC team, our school management software subsidiary in New Hampshire! The clock is ticking….

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